Heater Error - ER03

The heater error can appear when the sensor doesn’t register a steady (increase in) temperature. This could mean that the heater cartridge is not connected properly and to prevent overheating of the nozzle it will therefore turn the heater cartridge off.  There are however also a few other things that could relate to this issue. It is recommended to do the following checks:

  • Make sure that the latest firmware version is installed on your Ultimaker
  • Take a look at the back side of the hot end to ensure that the heater cartridge and PT100 sensor are fully inserted in the heater block. If not, inaccurate readings might be done
  • Check if the nozzle is not touching the fan bracket; otherwise heat will be spread over the fan bracket, making it difficult for the heater to heat enough
  • When printing a model with a big flat surface it could happen that the airflow bounces off the model against the nozzle, thus cooling it down. In this case a solution could be to decrease the fan speed

Ensure_Heater_cartridge_sensor_inserted.jpgEnsure the heater cartridge and sensor are inserted

The nozzle should not touch the fan bracket

If you have an Ultimaker 2, Ultimaker 2 Extended or Ultimaker 2 Go (not the 2+ Family), there's also a chance that the heater cartridge is not strong enough. In this case you can contact one of our local support teams for assistance.

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