Check the Ultimaker 3 nozzle cover

The nozzle cover shields the print cores from cold airflow from the fans, which helps the print cores to maintain a stable temperature while printing. The cover also helps to prevent backflow of material into the print head when something goes wrong during printing.

The heat of the nozzles may cause wear on the nozzle cover over time. It is recommended to check the quality of the cover at least once every three months. This may be necessary more frequently when printing with high-temperature materials.

Checking instructions

Examine the bottom of the print head to see if the holes where the nozzles come through are still round and if the cover still forms a good seal. Also gently open the fan bracket to check the other side of the silicone nozzle cover.

If the nozzle cover looks burnt, frayed, or damaged, it is recommended to replace it. Follow the instructions below.

Replacing the nozzle cover

There are two different versions of the Ultimaker 3 print head, with notable differences between the nozzle covers. Before ordering a replacement, check which version you need.

Old-nozzle-cover.jpg New-nozzle-cover.jpg
Old-style nozzle cover New-style nozzle cover 

Caution: Make sure that the print cores have completely cooled down before starting this maintenance action. Turn off the printer or ensure it is disabled in the Ultimaker Digital Factory to prevent new print jobs from starting remotely.

Old-style nozzle cover New-style nozzle cover

Part number required: 2161

C01_Examples-outside-silicone-nozzle-cover-optimized.jpg C02_Examples-inside-silicone-nozzle-cover-optimized_2.jpg

Examples of nozzle cover states. The cover on the left must be replaced. It is advisable to replace the cover in the middle. The one on the right is in perfect condition.


To replace the nozzle cover, gently open the fan bracket. Pull the old cover out of the print head. Take the new cover and align it behind the fan bracket. Insert the tabs at the top and bottom through the square holes in the metal bracket. From the underside of the bracket, push against the cover until all the cover's edges have nicely folded around the metal bracket. Close the fan bracket again and check the underside of the print head: the cover should be completely flat.

UM3-Nozzle-cover-replacement-1.jfif UM3-Nozzle-cover-replacement-2.jfif UM3-Nozzle-cover-replacement-3.jfif
Correct orientation Insert top tabs Align all edges

Tip: For detailed, step-by-step instructions, please visit this page.

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