Change materials on the Ultimaker 3

Materials can be changed easily on the Ultimaker 3 by using the procedure from the menu. Besides changing a material, you also have the option to only load or unload a material.

Note: Make sure compatible print cores are installed before you insert materials. It is not possible to change the material and print core at the same time. If you want to change both, you must first unload the material, then change the print core, and after that load the new material.

Tip: If you are switching to a material with a very different printing temperature or a contrasting color, it is recommended to first unload the old material and clean the print core before loading the new material.




Unload material

In the Material/PrintCore menu, select the material you want to change (1 or 2) and then click Change. Wait for the print core to heat up and reverse the material.

Take the filament out of the feeder and remove it from the spool holder. If you are changing material 1, also temporarily take the filament guide with material 2 from the spool holder.

Store material Put the end of the filament through one of the holes in the spool to prevent it from uncoiling. Properly store the material when not in use according to the recommended storage conditions.
Prepare the new spool Take the spool of material you want to load. Cut off the end of the filament into a nice, sharp tip. Straighten the end of the filament to ensure easy loading.
Install the new spool

Place the new material on the spool holder and wait until the Ultimaker 3 detects it. If using a non-Ultimaker material, select the material type in the menu manually.

Tip: When changing material 1, place the spool on the filament guide. When changing material 2, don't forget to place the filament guide with material 1 back onto the spool holder.

Load material

Insert the end of the filament into the feeder until the feeder grips the material. As soon as the filament is visible in the Bowden tube above the feeder, confirm this using the button.

Note: Don't wait too long with confirming to prevent the material from getting stuck during the loading process.

Extrude material

The filament will now fast-forward to the print head. Wait until it extrudes from the nozzle and any residue from the previous material has been flushed out. Confirm when the new material is flowing consistently and remove the strand of filament from the printer.

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