ER26 - This print job is not suitable for this printer

This error can appear on your Ultimaker 3 when the printer settings in the selected print file do not match with the printer.

The Ultimaker 3 will be able to see all print files on the USB stick, but will not be able to start any print job that was not prepared for the Ultimaker 3. In Ultimaker Cura, ensure that you have selected the correct printer type (Ultimaker 3 or Ultimaker 3 Extended), and reslice the print file.

Tip: If you are working with multiple printer types and use USB drives to start your print jobs, it is recommended to only use one USB device per printer type to prevent mixups.

If you continue to see the ER26 error message, even though all settings in Ultimaker Cura are correct, please check the following:

Machine settings In Ultimaker Cura, open the Preferences panel and go to the Printers tab, or click on the active printer and select Manage printers. In the Ultimaker 3 Machine settings, check if you have made any incompatible modifications. Remove and re-add the machine to Cura to restore to defaults.
Gcode header The header of the gcode contains information about the printer. If this was modified or corrupted, this could lead to the ER26 error message. Try reslicing the print job and ensure to always safely eject the USB device.
Reset Cura When the errors continue to appear after trying the tips above, it will help to completely reset your Ultimaker Cura installation.
Third-party software If you are using third-party slicer software to prepare your print jobs, you will need to ensure that the configuration is set correctly. Ultimaker can only support the use of Ultimaker Cura.

If you require further support, please contact us by submitting a ticket.

Please ensure to include the error number (ERXX) and your printer's log files.


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