ER19 - i2C communication error

In case of the ER19 error, the following message appears on the Ultimaker 3 display:
There is an i2C communication.

This error refers to a communication error in the printer. This can refer to anything connected via i2C, a serial communication protocol. There can be multiple components affected. Often, this error refers to a problem with the print head cable.

Reboot and update

Always first try rebooting the printer, as the communication interruption could simply be a temporary glitch. Also, always ensure your printer is running the most recent firmware, as newer releases often include stability improvements.

If the error continues to appear, follow the tips below.

Print head cable

In case of a communication problem with the print head, the ER18 error message is more likely to appear, but it is also possible that ER19 shows instead.

Print head communication involves several components, such as the print head PCB inside the print head, the white communication cable, and the mainboard at the bottom of the printer. However, in the majority of the cases, it is possible to resolve the error by simply reseating the print head cable in the print head. Please visit the ER18 page for detailed instructions on how to do this:

ER18 - Print head communication error

Note: If problems persist after taking the steps on this page, it is likely that your print head cable should be replaced. Contact support or your local reseller for further assistance. Ensure to include the error number and the log files of your printer.

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