The X or Y axis is stuck or the limit switch is broken - ER17

At the start of a print, the print head always moves to the back left corner of the Ultimaker to set the origin point. This origin point is defined by using two limit switches: one for the X direction and one for the Y direction. If one of these limit switches is not activated, it will however give you the error message as described above.

To figure out what the cause of the error message is and to resolve it, we recommend the checks described on this page.

  1. Is the print head moving towards the back left corner while homing? If it doesn’t reach the corner at all, it is likely that one of the pulleys is loose, causing shifts/skips to the movement of the print head. In this case, ensure all the pulleys (on the axles and X/Y motors) are tightened completely by using a hex screwdriver
  2. Manually move the print head towards the left and back side. Do both switches make a “clicking” sound? If they don’t, check if the levers are not bend and adjust if necessary. Specifically for the Y limit switch, you can also check if the print head X axle is touching the switch. If not, the axle must be repositioned
  3. If both switches are physically pressed, there’s still a chance that there is an electrical cause for the problem. In this case the following steps are advised:
    1. Place the print head in the front right corner
    2. Go to System > Maintenance > Print head and select Home. The print head will now move towards its home position in the back left corner
    3. Press both limit switches manually (e.g. with your finger or a screwdriver) before the print head reaches the corner and check if the print head stops moving. Based on this, you can figure out which limit switch is causing problems

Our local service providers can help you fixing the issue if you cannot resolve it with the instructions described above.

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