Lubricate the Ultimaker 3 lead screw

The lead screw is connected to the Z motor and controls the movements of the Z stage. To ensure smooth movement of the Z stage, it is recommended to periodically apply grease to the lead screw. Over time, grease may need to be reapplied to maintain consistent and accurate movement of the Z stage.

A tube of grease was included in the accessory box of your Ultimaker 3 or Ultimaker 3 Extended.

Caution: Turn off the printer or ensure the Ultimaker3 cannot accept new print jobs through the Digital Factory.

  1. Make sure that the build plate is positioned at the bottom of the Ultimaker 3.
  2. For the best results, first, wipe off as much of the old grease as possible. Dust and other particles may have accumulated in the grease.
  3. Apply a small amount of new grease to the lead screw of the Z motor.
  4. Move the build plate up and down to evenly distribute the grease. This can be done manually, or via the menu.


Note: Never use the grease on the smooth axles of the Ultimaker 3. This will affect the performance of your printer. If you have done so accidentally, make sure to thoroughly clean the shafts before applying the oil for relubrication.

Tip: The image above shows Magnalube grease. Ultimaker recently switched to a different grease, from the brand Eurol. It does not matter which of the two you have or use. When switching between grease types, it is recommended to clean the lead screw first, as described in step 2 of the instructions above.

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