Replace the Ultimaker 3 nozzle cover

The nozzle cover shields the print cores from cold airflow from the fans, which helps the print cores to maintain a stable temperature while printing. The cover also helps to prevent backflow of material into the print head when something goes wrong during printing.

The heat of the nozzles may cause wear on the nozzle cover over time. Check the nozzle cover according to these instructions and replace it when necessary.

Caution: Before you start, make sure that the print cores have completely cooled down. Turn off the printer or ensure it is disabled in the Ultimaker Digital Factory to prevent new print jobs from starting remotely.

Note: There are different procedures for the old-style and new-style nozzle covers. Determine which version you need before purchasing parts and starting this procedure.

Old-nozzle-cover.jpg New-nozzle-cover.jpg

Old-style nozzle cover (2161)


New-style nozzle cover (210542)


Requirements and info

Part(s) 1x 2161 - Nozzle cover (old-style), or
1x 210542 - UM3 nozzle seal (new-style)
Tool(s) Round or flat-tipped tweezers (recommended for new-style nozzle cover)
Time 3 - 10 minutes
Difficulty level 1 - Easy (old-style)
2 - Accessible (new-style)


Old-style New style


D01_Open-fan-bracket.jfif D02.1_Push-out-silicone-cover.jfif
1. Open fan bracket 2. Push out nozzle cover

Manually place the print head in the front-center for easier access. Gently open the front fan bracket.


From the inside, push one side of the nozzle cover out of the fan bracket with your finger or using a tool such as a screwdriver.


3. Remove nozzle cover  

From behind the fan bracket, take the loose side of the nozzle cover and pull it out of the fan bracket.




R01.1_Orientation-silicone-cover.jfif R02.1_Insert-silicone-cover-top.jfif
1. Orientation 2. Insert top tabs

Hold the new nozzle cover with the flat side facing down and the larger hole on the right. Then place it behind the fan bracket.


From behind the fan bracket, first insert the two tabs at the top of the nozzle cover through the holes in the metal bracket.




3. Insert bottom tabs

4. Align the sides

Next, bend the nozzle cover to fit the two tabs at the bottom of the fan bracket.


Press on the underside of the silicone cover on the left and right sides to fit the tabs on either side of the fan bracket.




5. Align the middle

6. Close fan bracket

Take the left side of the cover between your thumb and index finger. Pull it slightly towards the left and towards you to fit it around the metal strip in the middle. Repeat for the right side.


When you have finished aligning all tabs of the nozzle cover, close the fan bracket again. Finally, check the placement of the cover from the underside of the print head, see the examples below:




Incorrect placement. One corner is pushed into the bracket. Adjust its position.

Correct placement. The cover is well aligned and completely flat on the underside.

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