Material handling and storage S-line

Unloading material

When unloading a spool of material from the Ultimaker S3, Ultimaker S5, or the Material Station that is not yet empty, cut off the end to ensure a nice sharp tip. This facilitates loading the filament the next time it will be used. 

Wind the filament tightly and guide the tip of the filament through one of the holes in the material spool. This prevents the material from getting tangled on the spool.

Storage conditions

Opened material spools must be stored properly when not in use. If material is stored incorrectly, it may affect its quality and usability.

Store all materials cool and dry, out of direct sunlight, and in a re-sealable bag with the silica gel desiccant provided. Store PVA immediately after use to minimize moisture uptake. More information about material storage can be found on this page:

How to store material

Using the Material Station

The Ultimaker S5 is compatible with the Material Station.

The Material Station can be used to store up to six spools of material. While the Material Station receives power and the door is closed, the relative humidity is kept below 40%. This means opened spools can be safely stored in the Material Station. More information about the Material Station can be read on this page:

Printing with the Material Station

Tip: To learn more about working with Ultimaker materials, visit the Materials section.

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