How to do a XY calibration on the Ultimaker S5

Besides the vertical offset, the horizontal distance between the nozzles in the X and Y direction also needs to be configured. The print cores that are supplied with the Ultimaker S5 are already calibrated, but when the printer detects a new combination, you will need to perform an XY offset calibration again. This calibration must only be done once.  The information is thereafter stored on the printer. A correct XY calibration will ensure that the two colors or materials align well.

To perform the calibration you will need an XY calibration sheet, which can found in the accessory box. Alternatively, you can download and print the sheet. Ensure 2 print cores and materials are installed before starting the calibration.

To start the calibration:

  1. Go to Preferences > Maintenance > Print head > Calibrate XY offset and select Start calibration
  2. The Ultimaker S5 will now print a grid pattern on the build plate. Wait until it is complete
  3. Once the Ultimaker S5 has cooled down, remove the build plate from the printer and align it with the XY calibration sheet. Ensure the printed grid is precisely placed onto the two rectangles on the sheet

Tip: It is important that the printed XY offset print adheres well to the build plate and shows no signs of under-extrusion. If it does, it is recommended to repeat the calibration print.

xy_offset_remove_print.jpg xy_offset_read_calibration.jpg

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