Ultimaker S5 Material compatibility

The Ultimaker S5 comes with two AA print cores and one BB print core. The AA print cores can be used for printing build materials and Breakaway support material. The BB print core can be used for water-soluble support material (PVA).

The Ultimaker S5 supports all Ultimaker materials that are currently available, of which most can be printed with the 0.25, 0.4 and 0.8 mm print core sizes. The overview below shows you which material is compatible with which print core size. This compatibility table is based on single-extrusion prints and does not include the print core CC Red 0.6 as this print core is not used for Ultimaker materials.

Compatibility matrices


Note: The Ultimaker S5 is also compatible with the print core CC Red 0.6. For more information about this print core, please visit this page.

For an overview of possible dual-extrusion material combinations take a look at the table below.


All Ultimaker materials have been tested extensively and have optimized profiles in Ultimaker Cura to ensure the best print results, so is advised to use profiles in Ultimaker Cura for the highest reliability. Using Ultimaker materials will also allow you to benefit from the NFC detection system. Ultimaker spools will automatically be recognized by the Ultimaker S5, and this information can be directly transferred to Ultimaker Cura when connected to a network, for a seamless connection between the printer and Ultimaker Cura software.

Print recommendations

Each material requires different settings for optimal results. If you use Ultimaker Cura to prepare your model, these settings are automatically set correctly if the correct print core(s) and material(s) are selected. Ensure to use the latest version of Ultimaker Cura for the most up-to-date print profiles.

It is also recommended to apply a thin layer of glue (using the glue stick from the accessory box) or an adhesion sheet to the glass build plate before starting a print. This will ensure that your print adheres reliably to the build plate, and also prevents the glass build plate from chipping when removing materials.

For detailed instructions on which settings and adhesion method to use per material, take a look at the material manuals.

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