Installing print cores on the S-Line 3D Printer

The Ultimaker S-Line 3D Printers use two print cores in the print head, which are interchangeable. There are three types of print cores:

  • Type AA: for printing build materials and Ultimaker Breakaway material
  • Type BB: for printing water-soluble support material
  • Type CC: for printing composite material 

Each S-Line 3D Printer comes with two print cores AA 0.4 (of which one is already installed in print head slot 1) and one print core BB 0.4. This means that it is possible to print with two build materials or with a build and support material.

The print cores contain information on a small chip, so that the printer always knows which print cores are installed and which materials can be used with this print core.

Install the second print core

During the welcome setup, the second print core must be installed. To do this, go to Print core 2 and select Start. Follow the steps on the 3D Printer:

  1. Carefully open the glass doors and the print head fan bracket and press Confirm
  2. Install the second print core (BB 0.4) in print head slot 2 by squeezing the levers of the print core and sliding it into the print head until you hear a click
  3. Carefully close the print head fan bracket and Confirm to proceed with the welcome setup

Caution: Do not touch the contact points on the back of the print core with your fingers.

Tip: Make sure you keep the print core completely vertical while installing it so it will smoothly slide into the print head.

printcore_installation_open_bracket.jpg printcore_installation_place_bb_core.jpg

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