Setting up the S-line build plate

Installing the glass build plate is part of installing the hardware accessories, before you turn on the printer for the first time. In the welcome setup, you will be asked to confirm that the glass build plate is installed.

If you have not yet done so, open the glass door(s) of the printer and open the two build plate clamps at the front of the build plate. Slide the glass plate onto the build plate until it fits into the clamps at the back, then close the two build plate clamps at the front to secure it.

S-line-install-glass-plate.jpeg S-line-close-build-plate-clamp.jpeg

Caution: Leaving the build plate clamps open may damage your printer when the build plate is raised.

When you have installed the glass build plate, select Confirm in the welcome setup to proceed.

Build plate adhesion

Although you can print directly on the (clean) glass with certain materials such as PLA, most materials require an additional adhesive. The accessory box contains a glue stick. Apply a thin, even layer of glue to the glass plate before your start printing to ensure optimal adhesion of your prints to the build plate.

For a recommendation of which type of glue to use for which materials, please visit this page. Additionally, there are adhesion sheets available for the Ultimaker S3 and Ultimaker S5. Learn more about adhesion sheets on this page.


Removing the glass plate

After your print has finished, take out the glass plate to remove the print. When removing the build plate, open the two build plate clamps at the front. Slide the glass plate forward until it is out of the build plate clamps at the back. Then lift up the plate and take it out of the printer.

Caution: Do not lift up or tilt the glass plate until it is out of the build plate clamps at the back to prevent damaging the clamps.

After removing the print and/or cleaning the glass plate, place it back into the printer and close the build plate clamps as described above.

Caution: Never select Confirm removal or start a new print job until the glass plate is placed back inside the printer.

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