Installing the hardware accessories on the Ultimaker S5

This article guides you through all the steps necessary to correctly install the hardware accessories that come with the machine.

Tip: If you are assembling the Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle, read here.

Connect the Bowden tubes 

  1. Remove the clamp clips from the print head and insert the Bowden tubes. The Bowden tubes connect to the corresponding numbers on the print head
  2. Secure the Bowden tubes with the clamp clips
  3. Fit the print head cable clips onto Bowden tube 2

installing_hardware_remove_clamp_clips.jpg installing_hardware_insert_bowden_tube.jpginstalling_hardware_secure_bowden_tubes.jpg installing_hardware_secure_cable_clips.jpg 

Place and connect the NFC spool holder

  1. Insert the spool holder into the back panel and push until it snaps into place
  2. Secure the cable from the spool holder behind the cable clips in the back panel
  3. Connect the cable to the NFC socket at the back of the printer

 installing_hardware_insert_spoolholder.jpg installing_hardware_connect_nfc.jpg

Place the glass build plate

  1. Open the glass doors
  2. Open the two build plate clamps at the front of the build plate
  3. Gently slide the glass plate onto the build plate and ensure that it snaps into the build plate clamps at the back
  4. Close the two build plate clamps at the front to secure the glass build plate and close the glass doors

installing_hardware_open_glass_doors.jpg installing_hardware_release_build_plate_clamps.jpginstalling_hardware_place_build_plate.jpg installing_hardware_secure_build_plate_clamps.jpg


Connect the power cable

  1. Connect the power cable to the power socket at the back of the Ultimaker S5
  2. Plug the other side of the cable into a wall outlet


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