Connect the Ultimaker 3 to a network

During the welcome setup of the Ultimaker 3, you will be prompted to connect your printer to a network. This enables features such as remote printing and monitoring.


To connect your printer via the Ethernet cable, simply connect one end of the cable to the port at the back of the printer, and the other side to a network source (router, modem, or switch).


To connect your printer to a wireless network, you will need a computer or smartphone.

Wait until your Ultimaker 3 has created a Wi-Fi hotspot. This can take a minute. The name of the network is shown on the display of the Ultimaker 3. Use your computer or smartphone to connect to it.

A pop-up will appear on the display of your computer. Follow the steps to connect the Ultimaker 3 to your local Wi-Fi network. The pop-up will disappear when you have completed these steps.

Tip: If the pop-up does not appear, open a browser and go to a website that is not yet known by your browser.

Tip: If you skip the Wi-Fi setup during the welcome setup, or if you want to connect to a different network later, you can always rerun the Wi-Fi setup. In the Ultimaker 3 menu, navigate to System - Network - Run WiFi setup.

If you are having trouble connecting your Ultimaker 3 to the network, visit this page for more information about setting up a network connection.


When the network connection is successful, in the next step of the welcome setup, the printer will check if the latest firmware is installed. If a new version is available, you will be prompted to download and install it. Learn more about the Ultimaker 3 firmware here.

Digital Factory

The Ultimaker 3 can be connected to the Ultimaker Digital Factory, using your Ultimaker Account. This will give you access to unique features. To complete the integration of your printer in the Ultimaker Platform, check all the steps on this page.

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