Installing the hardware accessories on the Ultimaker 3

Follow the following guide to correctly setup your Ultimaker 3.

Inserting the spool holder

Gently place the printer on its left side. Then insert the spool holder into the back panel. First, place the top part in the hole and push until it snaps into place.


NFC cable

Connect the NFC cable to the NFC socket. The flat side of the connector faces away from the bottom panel. Then guide the NFC cable through the notch in the back panel.

Note: If you have an Ultimaker 3 you should coil the remaining cable up against the back panel, so that it fits behind the cable cover properly. This is not necessary for the Ultimaker 3 Extended.

installation_nfc_cable_1.jpeg installation_nfc_cable_2.jpeg

Cable cover

Insert the cable cover into the back panel to keep the cable in place. Then gently place the Ultimaker 3 upright again.


Placing the glass plate

Open the two build plate clamps at the front of the build plate.


Glass plate

Gently slide the glass plate onto the build plate and ensure that it snaps into the build plate clamps at the back. Close the two build plate clamps at the front to secure the glass plate.

Caution: Leaving the build plate clamps open may damage your Ultimaker 3 when the build plate is raised.


Connecting the power supply

Connect the power cable to the power adapter and plug the power cable into the wall socket. Connect the other side of the power adapter to the Ultimaker 3. The flat side of the connector needs to point downwards. Before you push the cable firmly into the port, you have to pull the sliding mechanism back. When the cord is in the printer you can let go to lock it into place.


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