Remove the print from the Ultimaker S3 or S5

Once the 3D print has finished, it must be removed from the glass build plate. There are several methods to do this, depending on how the print has adhered to the build plate.

Caution: When using a brim, be aware of the danger of cutting yourself when removing the print from the build plate. Use a deburring tool to remove the brim once the print is taken from the build plate.

Wait for cool down

If you printed directly onto the build plate, simply allow the build plate and the print to cool down after printing. The material will contract as it cools, allowing you to easily remove the print from the build plate.

Note: Do not exert too much force on the object while the glass plate is still inside the printer. This can damage the build plate clamps. If the print does not detach easily, remove the build plate from the printer and follow the additional tips on this page.

Use a spatula

If your print is still adhered to the build plate after cooling, you can use a spatula to remove the print.

Caution: Never do this inside the printer. Always take the build plate out of the printer to avoid damaging the build plate clamps.

Place the glass build plate on a flat surface. Place the spatula under the print, keep it parallel to the build plate, and apply a small amount of force to remove the print. A spatula can also be used to carefully remove the remaining parts of the print from the build plate, such as the brim or support structures.


Use water

If the print is very securely adhered to the build plate, you can also remove the print using water. Remove the glass plate and print from the Ultimaker S3 or S5. Always first allow the glass plate to cool down after printing before removing it to prevent burning your fingers.

Run cool tap water on the backside of the plate to cool it quickly. The print material will contract faster than with normal cool down, which should make it pop off the glass plate.

Alternatively, if glue was used on the glass plate, run lukewarm water over the print side of the plate to dissolve the glue. Once the glue is dissolved, it is easier to remove the print. If PVA was used, place the build plate with the print in water to dissolve the PVA. This makes print removal easier.

Prepare for the next print job

After removing the print from the glass build plate, place it back inside the printer. Close the build plate clamps at the front to secure it. If necessary, first clean the build plate and reapply the adhesive.

Confirm the removal of the print on the display. Your printer is now ready to start the next print job.

Caution: Never confirm removal before the print is removed and the glass plate is placed securely back into the printer. This can cause damage to the print and/or printer if the next print job is started. Especially pay attention to this if the printer is connected via local network or Ultimaker Digital Factory, as new print jobs can start unexpectedly.

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