How to start a print on the Ultimaker S5

Use Ultimaker Cura, Ultimaker's free print preparation and management software, to prepare your 3D digital object for printing on your Ultimaker S5. You can download Ultimaker Cura here.

For more information about using Ultimaker Cura and system requirements, please consult the Ultimaker Cura user manual.

Tip: For best printing results, always use the latest version of Ultimaker Cura.

The Ultimaker S5 supports:

  • Printing via cloud
  • Printing over local network
  • Printing via USB

Printing via cloud

The Ultimaker S5 benefits from online cloud services. To make the most out of the Ultimaker S5, associate the printer with your Ultimaker account and add it to your printer console on the Ultimaker Digital Factory.

Printing over local network

Ultimaker Cura can send print jobs directly to the Ultimaker S5 connected on the same network. Simply prepare your print in Ultimaker Cura. After slicing, click print over the network.

Printing via USB

If your Ultimaker S5 is not connected to the network, use the USB workflow to start a print

  1. Save the sliced model from Ultimaker Cura to a USB device
  2. Plug the USB device into the Ultimaker S5
  3. Navigate to Print, and select the print job from the list displayed

Tip: The most recently saved print job will always be displayed first in the list.



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