Using the Ultimaker S5 touchscreen

You can control the Ultimaker S5 by using the touchscreen at the front of the printer. When turning the Ultimaker S5 on for the first time, the printer will run the welcome setup. After this, the main menu will be shown when turning the printer on.


The main menu offers three options, represented by the following icons:

status_overview.png Status overview

The status overview is automatically shown next to the main menu. From here you can start a print from USB, or view the progress of the print while printing.

configuration_overview.png Configuration overview

The configuration overview shows the current configuration of the printer. Here you can see which print cores and materials are installed and it allows you to change the configuration.

preferences_overview.png Preferences overview

The preferences overview consists of three sub-menus: settings, maintenance, and network. In the printer settings menu you can change general settings, such as the language. In the maintenance menu the most important maintenance and calibration procedures can be performed, in addition to saving logs for diagnostics. The network menu allows you to change network settings or to perform the Wi-Fi setup.

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