Using the Ultimaker S-line touchscreen

You can control the Ultimaker S3 and S5 by using the touchscreen at the front of the printer. When turning on the printer for the first time, the welcome setup will start. After this, the main menu will be shown when turning the printer on.


The main menu offers three options, represented by the following icons:


Status overview

The status overview is automatically shown next to the main menu. From here you can start a print from USB, or view the progress of the print while printing.


Configuration overview

The configuration overview shows the current configuration of the printer. Here you can see which print cores and materials are installed and it allows you to change the configuration.


Preferences overview

The preferences overview consists of three sub-menus: settings, maintenance, and network. This menu will also notify you about any pending printer tasks.


Printer settings

All printer settings and options can be found in the third menu. Below is an overview of all the options in the three sub-menus and what they can be used for.

Printer tasks Settings Maintenance Network
The printer tasks are shown at the bottom of the menu. If there are no tasks awaiting attention, this will be shown with a green checkmark. If there are pending tasks, this will be shown with either a yellow or a red exclamation icon, depending on the urgency of the tasks.

Tap on the notification to see which tasks should be carried out for an optimal performance of your printer. An example is to perform the XY calibration for a new combination of print cores.


Status bar

The status bar at the top of the interface shows information about the printer and its connectivity status. This remains visible wherever you are in the menus. Small icons show whether the printer is connected to a network, if the firewall is enabled, and if the printer is connected to the cloud via the Ultimaker Digital Factory.


When the build plate is not safe to touch, this is communicated via the status bar. The status bar turns orange and includes a warning message. This is visible throughout the interface, with the exception of dialogs and certain processes.


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