Loading materials on S-line printers

Before you can start printing on the Ultimaker S3 or Ultimaker S5, you need to load materials into the printer. For the first use, it is recommended to use the spools of Tough PLA and PVA that come with the printer.

Tip: This guide applies to the Ultimaker S3 and the Ultimaker S5 without Material Station. If you have a Material Station, follow the instructions for loading materials on this page.

Load material 2

Material 2 will be loaded first, because this material will be placed on the spool holder, closest to the back of the printer. If you have installed the BB print core in print head slot 2, load PVA into feeder 2. Select Material 2 from the list shown on the touchscreen, select Start, and then take the following steps to load the material.

Place spool Insert material Extrude

Remove the packaging from the spool of material. Cut off the end of the filament that is hooked onto the spool. Ensure a nice sharp tip for easy loading. It is also recommended to straighten the end of the filament, so it can easily enter the feeder.

Place the spool on the spool holder at the back of the printer. Ensure that the filament is in a clockwise direction so that it can enter feeder 2 from the bottom.

Wait until the Ultimaker S3 or Ultimaker S5 has detected the material type. This will only work when using Ultimaker material and if the spool holder cable is connected to the NFC socket at the back of the printer. You can also select the material type manually in the menu.


Load material 1

For material 1, it is recommended to load the spool of Tough PLA that came with the printer. You may also load a different type of material if you prefer. This spool will be placed on the material guide to prevent entangling. Select Material 1 from the list on the touchscreen, select Start, and follow the steps below.

Place spool Insert material Extrude

Like the other spool, cut off the end of the filament into a nice, sharp tip and straighten it a bit.

Now take the material guide and hold it with the outer part towards you. Place the material spool on the material guide with the material in counter-clockwise direction.

Guide the end of the material through the hole in the material guide. When you have done this, select Confirm.

Place the material guide - with material 1 on it - on the spool holder, behind material 2, and wait until it is detected by the printer. Alternatively, manually select the material type in the menu.

load_materials_material_guide_pla_1.jpg load_materials_material_guide_pla_2.jpg load_materials_place_pla.jpg

The materials are now correctly loaded and you can proceed with the next step of the welcome setup.

Tip: After completing the welcome setup, you can always load, unload, and change materials via the Configuration menu on the printer. For more information on how to change materials, visit this page.

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